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Easter, it's not just about chocolate eggs!

It's that time of year again, spring is here (well, if it wasn't for the snow!), the Easter bunny is hopping around and all the children are getting excited about how many Easter eggs they're going to get this weekend.

But, Easter isn't just about chocolate eggs, especially for scenery builders. As well as chocolate eggs, those keened eyed of you will notice polystyrene craft eggs appearing in pound shops and discount stores. They're also dirty cheap, I got those for £2 whereas if you went to a specific craft shop, you'd probably be looking more around the £10 mark. Available in two sizes, these little eggs are perfect for futuristic/alien terrain. 

These little beauties will make the basis of a few sets of scatter terrain, think 'Aliens!'. More on that coming up real soon, in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled guys!